Friday, March 26, 2010

"I Found Alaska!"

I recently read Into the Wild, and am still trying to finish my essay on it for my English class. It's a novel about the true story of Chris McCandless- a boy who decides to leave everything behind and rough it in Alaska. He changes his name to Alexander Supertramp, and tramps his way to Alaska. Unfortunately, he dies from starvation in Alaska, found two weeks after his death. However, he left behind quite a legacy- everyone who talked to him remembers him as being different, special. While some reading his story contend differently- namely, he was a dumb jerk- he still achieved what he wanted, thus I deem him a hero of his own life. This post is based around Alaska.

I watch this video all the time- it's hilarious. I know the song from my grandpa's oldie's he plays all the time in his car. It's from livelavalive on YouTube.

These boots remind me of Eskimos. I want them. The boots I mean, not the Eskimos. I'm glad I don't live in an igloo...

Eep! An igloo! I remember by sister made an igloo out of sugar cubes one time. It was very cute, and I just wanted to lick it.

This postcard is from Alaska, and my shop! It's a Vintage 1960s postcard featuring the shrine of st. Therese. Here spiritual and physical quiet and contemplation can be had amid inspiring scenic grandeur.

This is a hair accessory, made from Polar Bear fur! Apparently, the polar bear wasn't just hunted for the fur- don't worry. Click on the pic for more information.

Aww, it's a cute little baby all bundled up in the snow! Ain't he adorable.

McCandless wrote his daily life in a journal. This is neat vintage travel art turned into a journal!

Hmm, I've never been to Alaska. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't love it. I'm quite spoiled here in Cali, and Alaska, even in the summertime, doesn't even compare to summertime here. If McCandless was still alive, I would buy this for him.

Just in case you didn't know what Alaska looks like, here's a set of pins with the map of it! If you wear them, you can educate people.

Last but not least, an Eskimo! If you're any good at crochet, I think you need this pattern.

Thanks so much for looking. =] Hope you enjoyed my little Into the Wild posting.

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  1. Thanks for including our necklace! Cool collection of items. I think I need that igloo pendant...It always cracks me up that people think we live in igloos!