Monday, March 15, 2010


My sister loves vintage hats. There's something very classy looking about them, especially vintage hats. I rarely wear hats- make that never. But there are some pretty neat hats out there I wish I had the guts to wear.

This postcard is in my shop, MaddiesVintage, where I have tons of postcards, pictures, and awesome ephemera from all different time periods.

Ooh, look at these fancy men, also wearing hats!

Women in coats and hats!

Ooh, this hat is so cute! I love the color, and the shiny thing, and the bow! It's everything I love in one! This hat would be perfect for the upcoming spring season.

This grey polka-dot mesh hat is sure to get you some attention- especially if you wear it with a gold lame (La-may, not lame) suit of any kind (jumpsuit, swimsuit, business suit...)

What an adorable vintage beehive hat! Reminds me of cake, or a wedding dress.

Speaking of cake, this hat looks like cake! Mmm, delicious.

Last but not least is this gorgeous veil, complete with white feathers!


  1. Hi! Nice blog and I am a bonafide hat lover! My friend DianaLiz1 told me about your blog by posting a link to it on etsy. Great job! xo

  2. Maddy, these hats are awesome. I remember many of them. Grandma and Mom wore them and we also wore hats when I was young. Thanks for the memories.