Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project Runway- Hats off to you

Alright, I'm a little behind, but I am catching up on Project Runway. The latest episode I watched was Hats Off To You, featuring AMAZING hats from designer Philip Treacy. Now I had never heard of the man before in my life, but upon seeing his hats, I'm sure I will never forget it.

I agree with the judges decisions- they sent the right woman home. I mean, look at this monstrosity:

It looks like she (badly) made a little black dress and then proceeded to tuck the leftovers from a pink prom dress into the crevasses. Ugh.

And while I do have a little (tiny) bit of sympathy of Ivy, having been hospitalized and everything, she quite frankly made a mother of the bride outfit. I'm sure an outlandish woman would wear her look to a wedding.

I probably wouldn't have had so much disdain for it if she hadn't complained that she wasn't in the top. What I really don't like is how she put together three neutrals- that's one to many in my book. I know the hat is bright and very constrasty, but hot pink does go with colors that aren't found in sidewalks.

I liked the hat with the jacket type thing made by Christopher- it's just that the styling was awful. This season, PR is really stressing the styling of their pieces. I would have paired this with something with laces, maybe blue or hot pink to bring some color to it. At first, when Christopher said his model looked like a pirate, I didn't know what he was talking about. But looking at the shot above, I see it. Do you?

How about now?

While I certainly don't like Aprils design (AKA: "Resort Wear" diaper), I can't blame her. Unfortunately, she got the Wheres Waldo In the Rice Field hat, and her models unfortunate ears don't make any outfit look any better.

But hey, those shoes are cute. Oh wait, she didn't make those...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Live Love Drama!

I've just launched my fashion line! It will include hoodies, jackets, leggings, shirts, skirts, and dresses. Check it out:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Those were the days!

I recently had the opportunity to view the San Francisco Then exhibit which featured photographs from photographer Fred Lyon. His photographs evoke nostagalic feelings for an era I longed to live in. The 1940s and 50s were a dramatic time in American history, with WWII, new music, women empowerment, and style revolutions, it truly is a time full of change. A particular photograph makes my longing grow ever more; it’s a street shot from above, of hundreds of people walking down the street. Simple enough, right? What makes this photograph special is in fact the era, for it depicts regular people in their everyday dress, back when people actually worried about how they appeared to others in public, and would never dare have the words “Juicy” labeled across their rear end. This photograph shows men and women in suits, complete with hats, coats, and gloves. People just looked more presentable and well put together back then, even if they were just making a run to the grocery store. Remarkable, isn’t it?

These styles of the 40s and 50s like to make comebacks. Ankle socks worn by youngins’ are finding their way to the feet of modern trend setters; the rock and roll greasers are once again found to be living in the attitudes of rocker chic leather motorcycle studded jackets and boots; full circle skirts with their extenuated hour class silhouette are a steady and go to classic; yes, the styles of the 40s and 50s are very much alive in many ways.

However, I wish more of these trend focused on one of the most classic 40s and 50s trends; hats. Hats with veils, feathers, roses, ribbons, tassels, felt, silk, buttons- anything and everything! Hats to match outfits, hats for weddings, hats for church, hats for work- hats, hats, hats! They seem to make any woman look adorable. They’re definetly a trend I would love to see make a comeback- and by comeback I don’t mean one celebrity who happened to be on a TV show and 2 related movies (ahem, SJP). Sorry to be ever so rude to you dear Sarah Jessica Parker, but there is a way to wear hats, and you’re just not doing it right. You see, back then women wouldn’t simply wear outlandish crazy hats just for media attention getting sake- they were an accessory worn with grace, elegance, and most importantly, poise. Maybe hats would make a comeback if someone got the bright idea to write “Juicy” on the back of them.

Four eyes! More people wore glasses back then too, it being pre-contact lenses era. If you’ve ever flipped through a 40s yearbook, you’ll agree with me that the majority of the population had glasses. Based on this fact, they were also more of an accessory. Cat eye frames, for example, are quite a unique style- they don’t make glasses that look like that anymore. Thus, these frames go for quite a killing in vintage shops and websites. In fact, I’d like to snag a pair myself! In the same street shot I mentioned earlier, the majority of people were wearing glasses. In those days, it must not have been considered quite as nerdy as it is now, considering the majority of the population was subjected to wear them.

One picture that I found particularly amusing featured these boys racing down one of the steep sidewalks of San Francisco on their skate-boards. I told my Dad about it later, and he said, oh yes, skate boards; my Dad used to do that.” He pronounced skateboards are two words, explaining they were skates on boards. I distinctly remember the boys in the photograph wearing socks that came up to their ankles and striped shirts. Stripes have remained a classic in fashion, but this summer they are expected to be very trendy. As for ankle socks, they are also making a comeback. Seen on runway shows from Marc Jacobs to Luis Vuitton, these necessity turned accessories are sure to be seen more frequently.

Put it quite simply, Fred Lyon’s photography makes me want to live in the 40s and 50s, when kids were kids, and adults were adults, and there was a firm line between the two. The days when Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant reigned over the silver screen and Elvis Presley was nothing but a hound dog. Ah, those were the days. Who would have thought that the fashions that were so prevalent back then would be making the debut 60-70 years later, in the 2000s?

Friday, July 23, 2010


Summer. Oh how I love it. This summer I took 4 classes at the Academy of Art University. The experience has been amazing, as usual (this is my third summer). In my fashion journalism class, we've done a couple articles; response to an opinion, a trend report, an interview, and a review.

This is one of my articles:

“Make it work!”

Ever since Project Runway aired in 2004, interest in the lost art of sewing has skyrocketed. But don’t get me wrong- this isn’t your grandmothers sewing. With the call to action from Tim Gunn still fresh in their minds, millions of people have taken up sewing and thus adopted the do-it-yourself (or diy) attitude. According to the Census Bureau, the number of sewing machines imported to the U.S. doubled to 2.8 million in 2005 from 1999, and a collection from the pattern-maker Simplicity increased by 25 percent in one quarter.

Project Runway has also inspired people to not only make their own clothes, but consumers are steering more towards quality and uniqueness when it comes to clothing. For example, a website called Blank Label allows buyers to customize their own dress shirts. The diy movement goes further though, expanding into worldwide websites like Etsy, which provides a global marketplace for all sorts of artists, whether they be into handmade clothes or homemade snickerdoodles. The movement continues with websites such as FashionPlaytes where girls can design their clothes, Laudi Vidni where women can design purses, and Gemvara for custom jewelry design. As you can see, the diy lifestyle has taken a firm hold on consumers.

I got an A-.

This next article is about my favorite designer, Marc Jacobs.

The Marc

If you saw this man on the street, you wouldn’t even be inclined to do a double-take. Sure, he’s obviously gay, but he doesn’t have that outrageous Lady Gaga-look-at-me going on. In fact, if you didn’t know who he was, he would appear to be a normal New Yorker. You wouldn’t know he’s been creative director of Luis Vuitton since 1997, after creating the company’s first ready to wear line. You wouldn’t know he is the youngest designer to ever be awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Perry Ellis award, and most recently, in April 2010, he was named as one of Time 100 most influential people in the world. You wouldn’t know he launched his very own self-named fashion label in 1986 and since then created himself as an idol, a man in the position many set as their ultimate goal when they decide they want to be in the fashion industry. You wouldn’t know his work experience is phenomenal- this man would not need a resume if he went to a job interview. "[He] has got a young yet sophisticated side to his work and appeals to a varied market," says Scottish designer Jamie Bruski Tetsill. "He is a very well-established brand and therefore has the resources and funding to produce some pretty outstanding pieces each season. He has amazing eye for detail and composition. The way he creates a clear picture in the viewer's head of a certain era is remarkable. He's also very forward-thinking and bold in his designs." On anyone else, the skin covered in tattoos of animated chocolate M&Ms, SpongeBob SquarePants, and the words “Bros Before Hos” and “Perfect” would look childish and lame- but this is Marc Jacobs, this man could make eating a lollipop no longer look immature, but stylish. In fact, I believe if this man sent models down the runway sucking on lollipops, lollipops would become a trend. That is how powerful this man is. His tattoos that could be labeled as “childish” do have a sort of hidden meaning- the lingering desire he holds to be a child. “I think that children are very lucky because they don’t have any rules. With children it’s as simple as ‘yuk’ or ‘yay’ and they are not frightened to ask a million questions. I think that it’s nice to retain that childish naivety.”

Another admirable quality found within him is that he refuses to show shame. “I am going to get a ‘Shameless’ tattoo next. That’s what I think everyone should aspire to in life — being shameless.” And what an admirable quality that would be. Can you imagine if everyone prescribed to be accountable for their actions, take full responsibility, and be proud of the choices they decided to make? “I basically broke the rules. I was told point-blank that I couldn't change the canvas or do anything to it. And I got fed up with doing what I thought would please the head of communications. I got tired of playing by the rules. And I thought, The only time I've ever made a difference, and the only time anything ever changes, is really when you're respectful and disrespectful at the same time. Just as I'd been fired for the grunge collection I did at Perry Ellis, I thought, Whoa, you know, this is what I think we should be doing, and we're going to send it out anyway . . . There was a different president here at Vuitton, and a different head of communications. But the press responded so well, and there was such fervor for these bags. They were knocked off immediately. So I forced the company into getting behind something that they didn't want me to do in the beginning. It was the public that really said, ‘This is what we wanna see. This is what makes an old thing that our mothers and grandmothers and grandfathers and great-grandparents carried into something that we actually want now.’ And so, there was a lesson in this for me. Not that I really needed to learn it, because it was doing what I instinctively wanted to do.” If only we could all be like Marc Jacobs, what a very different world this would be.

Let’s not let him lose all his human qualities though. I know it can be easy to forget someone so famous and glorified is just like us, that is, they experience the same emotions, the same anxieties, the same fears. It might even be worse for someone of his caliber, constantly being under a microscope. “Sometimes I am overrun with fear and then other times I think, ‘F*** it’.” Well aren’t those words to live by.

So what can we learn from Marc Jacobs? The easier question is what can’t we learn from this amazing human form of carpe diem, a shameless man who isn’t afraid to break rules? Essentially, we need to be accountable for our actions. We need to live up to our potential and achieve what we want while we still have the ability to dream. Marc Jacobs is a truly innovative and “cool” designer- oh if only we could all be like him.

Marc Jacobs Website

So these are two of the articles I've written. Questions, comments, concerns, gratification always appreciated.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Graduation is just around the corner! It's a bittersweet time of year, for it involves both leaving behind the sticky lockers and smelly hallways, what a kid has become to know all too well, and moving on to the new and exciting world of being an adult! Yay, bills!

Commemorate the date! Make your grad remember the moment they entered the world of adulthood with these cuff links by WaxwingJewelry.

This MacBook bag from fullgive is rustic and gorgeous, and quite handsome if I might add. It makes me want to go out and buy a MacBook, just so I can use this bag!

This cute little ring from sparklethots is meant to make the receiver of this ring remember.

This messenger boy bike ring from donmoti symbolizes the travels your graduate will soon undergo.

It is.

Give your graduate the key to their world with this key necklace from COGnitivecreations.

Another necklace from COGnitivecreations, this one represents the map they will need for their travels.

This card from TweeCards is just plain awesome.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thank you!

I've been featured in quite a few treasuries this month! It's rather exciting. These are the two active ones, I just want to show a little love for;
  1. There's this baseball themed one
  2. This Joseph Cornell one
so, thank you =] And of course, a few related thank you items:

Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm going to post the most annoying song. It won't play automatically- I'm just warning you in case you decide to push play.

Annnddd, if you haven't figured it out yet, this post is dedicated to Cupcakes! Oh how I love cupcakes. Cupcake shops are kind of a fad right now- a delicious adorable fad.

Eep, a killer cupcake. Kinda reminds me of a Pokemon.

Get your kiddies loving cupcakes at an early age with this cupcake nursery chandelier.

Well, I've never seen anything quite like this- it's a cupcake fanny pack! This makes fanny packs cool.

Cupcakes on swings! Hehe, these are quite neat earrings.

Quite a chunky necklace this one is. I love the bright colors.

This is a neat applique of a cupcake, it's shiny!

Aw, it's a cupcake hat for your little ones!

This is an awesome play on the well known phrase, "Keep Calm and Carry On."

Oh how gorgeous! Gourmet cupcakes that not only look amazing, they must taste amazing too.

Last but not least, something to hold your wonderful delicious treats on.