Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project Runway- Hats off to you

Alright, I'm a little behind, but I am catching up on Project Runway. The latest episode I watched was Hats Off To You, featuring AMAZING hats from designer Philip Treacy. Now I had never heard of the man before in my life, but upon seeing his hats, I'm sure I will never forget it.

I agree with the judges decisions- they sent the right woman home. I mean, look at this monstrosity:

It looks like she (badly) made a little black dress and then proceeded to tuck the leftovers from a pink prom dress into the crevasses. Ugh.

And while I do have a little (tiny) bit of sympathy of Ivy, having been hospitalized and everything, she quite frankly made a mother of the bride outfit. I'm sure an outlandish woman would wear her look to a wedding.

I probably wouldn't have had so much disdain for it if she hadn't complained that she wasn't in the top. What I really don't like is how she put together three neutrals- that's one to many in my book. I know the hat is bright and very constrasty, but hot pink does go with colors that aren't found in sidewalks.

I liked the hat with the jacket type thing made by Christopher- it's just that the styling was awful. This season, PR is really stressing the styling of their pieces. I would have paired this with something with laces, maybe blue or hot pink to bring some color to it. At first, when Christopher said his model looked like a pirate, I didn't know what he was talking about. But looking at the shot above, I see it. Do you?

How about now?

While I certainly don't like Aprils design (AKA: "Resort Wear" diaper), I can't blame her. Unfortunately, she got the Wheres Waldo In the Rice Field hat, and her models unfortunate ears don't make any outfit look any better.

But hey, those shoes are cute. Oh wait, she didn't make those...

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