Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Post

Woah, it's my first post.

So, I just saw Amelia yesterday.

This is such a cool shirt, it reminds me of a scene where Hilary swank is wearing this gorgeous fox fur draped around her neck. This shirt just happens to be what I would call, PETA friendly. (

Amelia of course requires a leather jacket, and this is quite the perfect one for any aviator, or wanna be. (

There's a scene where Amelia (swank) is with her hopelessly devoted husband, George Putnam (Richard Gere) in the bedroom and she's wearing a slip exactly like this one. (

What wonderful coat I found on, and this lovely vintage piece is very reminiscent of a coat Hilary Swank was wearing in the movie.

Of course I had to include an airplane. This one from is fabulous, but buyer beware: a crow might come pluck it off your lapel. If only Amelia had flown this one... she might not have disappeared and never been found.

Everyone needs a suitcase. Amelia had some, even if she did throw most of them out to lighten the load.... But hopefully she wouldn't throw this cute one from out!

Amelia is a bit of a tomboy, and this shirt from is quite like the one in this amazing shot :

I found a flight suit! Yeah, it's a little worn, but that gives it more character. (

Last but not least, the essential for every aspiring aviator, goggles!


Well, there it is! I found everything here from Of course, I have an etsy too, check it out: and take a look at my sisters,

Stay tuned!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! You're off to a great start. Thank you for including the Happy Day Vintage suitcase.
    Dana Douglas

  2. Yes! Ditto what Happy Day Vintage said! Welcome to the blogging world. You've been tweeted!

    Love & Rockets,